Honest & Professional

1) I’ve had many agents over the years and Brad’s Team was the best. Very responsive and objective about the transactions. If I needed a laugh, just a phone call away. Always felt that your team was on my “side” and made sure I got answers or feedback throughout my experience.

2) Since Brad’s existence in the Real Estate Market, I think most things have been covered by your Team. Over that period of time, Brad and you have consistently listened to the customer and tweaked the business to improve all aspects of the transactions (selling or buying). I didn’t really notice anything that your team needed to improve on during my experience.

3) Everyone involved in the transactions showed tremendous professionalism and honesty. It was the toughest situation for Lisa and I due to having a buyer moving into our home on the 30th and trying to get into the seller’s home on the 30th as well. Financial, Title, Inspectors, Carpenters, Tree Service and Real Estate Personnel all made it successful due to their their ability to communication, expertise and timely manner.

4) I hope to continue my relationship with Brad’s Team due to their positive attitude. Already recommended your services and explained how “natural” this team is in dealing with Real Estate. I hope that you continue to have excellent sales and can use me as a recommendation anytime.

Thanks Again!!!

— David & Lisa Michelson